ART by Yasmina Reza, translated by Christopher Hampton

How much would you pay for a white painting?  Would it matter who the painter was?  Would it be art?  One of Marc’s best friends, Serge, has just bought a very expensive painting.  It’s about 5 feet by four feet, all white, with white diagonal lines.  To Marc, whose artistic tastes run to the traditional, the painting is a joke, but Serge, who espouses an avant-garde esthetic, insists Marc doesn’t have the proper standard to judge the work.  Another friend, Yvan, a bit of a bumbler burdened by his own problems, allows himself to be pulled into this disagreement.  Eager to please, Yvan tells Serge he likes the painting.  Lines are drawn and these old friends square off over the canvas, using it as an excuse to relentlessly batter one another over various failures.  As their arguments become less theoretical and more personal, they border on destroying their friendships.  At the breaking point, Serge hands Marc a felt tip pen and dares him: “Go on.”  This is where the friendship is finally tested, and the aftermath of action, and its reaction, affirms the power of those bonds.

Auditions:  March 1st at 7pm and March 2nd at 2pm at the Arts Council Offices in Galax (608 West Stuart Drive – park at the Galax Public Library and walk across the Veteran’s Memorial to the 2-story, red brick building).  We’re looking for 3 male actors ages 30 & older.

Performances:  May 16, 18, & 19 at the Rex Theatre